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About us

The company Obrábění HK has been operating on the Czech market since 2012. During the company’s operation, we have already gained considerable experience with projects in the Czech Republic and abroad.


We deal with complete machining on conventional and CNC machines. We specialize mainly in machining precision parts according to customer requirements.

We offer the production of single-purpose machines with turnkey delivery. We will design the technology, manufacture the machine and deliver it to your company. We will train the staff.

Our main products include the production of fittings, flanges, shafts, pins, bolts, pins, foundation, welding and clamping jigs. We also produce molds, forgings, tools for presses, hammers and forges.

According to the customer’s needs, we supply manufactured parts, including the required surface treatment.

You can find our products in the automotive, food, medical, aerospace and transportation industries, throughout Europe. Starting with Germany, Switzerland, Austria and ending with the Netherlands, for example.

We care about:




wide range of services

customer satisfaction

Portfolio of our services:

CNC and conventional machining (milling, turning, grinding)


Manufacture of single-purpose machines

Manufacture of fixtures (clamping, pressing)

Production of simple molds

Industrial electronics programming

Heat treatment

Surface finishes

Design activity

Conventional turning up to lengths of 500mm and diameters of 200mm
Conventional milling in dimensions 500x250x300mm
CNC turning up to lengths of 750mm and a diameter of 400mm
CNC milling to dimensions 800 * 550 * 500cm
Production of smaller molds, 2D and 3D models

Samples of our products can be found in the gallery:

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Pardubická 852/10A
Hradec Králové

+420 777 672 373